Mommy Makeover


Many of the changes affecting the body during pregnancy return to the pre-pregnancy state, but some do not.

Now that those beautiful children are off to school, what can I do for myself?

Many women enjoy the fuller breasts that develop during pregnancy, but that fullness is only temporary. After pregnancy or breast-feeding, the breast gland atrophies and becomes smaller in size, but, the stretched skin may not. This excess skin can cause droopiness. To restore the fullness of the breast, an “uplift” with or without an implant is usually required.

While the abdominal muscles split, to allow the uterus to expand as the baby grows, the skin stretches too. Following childbirth, the muscles may remain slack, and the skin may have permanent stretch marks, and sag. Neither of these results will improve with exercise, laser treatments, or creams. They will only improve when the muscle is surgically repaired and the excess skin is removed. The classic “tummy tuck” is the gold standard of treatment, but several, simpler variations may be possible.

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The “mommy makeover” combines these procedures, all in one morning. Recent improvements in medications and the use of a temporarily implanted “pain pump”, that injects local anesthesia into the surgical site, allows recovery in days rather than weeks. Most woman can return to light activities, including car pool, a week after surgery.

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