Tummy Tuck vs. Exercise for Hanging Skin

Diet and exercise can certainly be beneficial in weight loss and improving one’s general health and dramatically improved one’s body with the exception of the abdominal region. It cannot, however, correct excess skin.  The best way to get rid of it is by having a tummy tuck. Some patients feel so much better after the tummy tuck, in terms of comfort in clothing and confidence that it makes getting into the gym an easier process.

Dr. Darm Tummy Tuck Before and Afters - TB Slide2 Dr. Darm Tummy Tuck Before and Afters - TB Slide1

Excess skin and fatty tissue in the abdominal region can be quite big aesthetic and psychological burden. It can also lead to serious medical problems.

This problem is most commonly present among women after pregnancy and childbirth and among younger and middle aged men and women after massive weight loss.

Excess and loose abdominal skin cannot be treated or solved with physical exercise, working out or cosmetic treatments. In the majority of cases it cannot even be solved with liposuction, which is used for fat deposits removal.

The surgical procedure that will efficiently remove excess loose skin that hangs and fatty tissue form stomach or abdominal area is called Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck”.

An Abdominoplasty is the removal of loose, excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen. The “tummy tuck” is frequently performed after the completion of pregnancies. Following childbirth, the stretched skin and muscle rarely returns completely back to normal. Skin may hang, abdominal muscles may be slack and provide less back support, and neither can be improved by exercise. Stretch marks are permanent (creams and/or lasers have yet to be proven as reliable treatment), and are removed, only when the skin is excised.
Other patients, who have excess skin as the result from weight-loss surgery, or diet and exercise, can benefit from removing the excess hanging skin.

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