Dr. Darm shares how a tummy tuck can give you back your flat tummy

Dr. Darm, Tummy Tuck Surgery Testimonial

Sagging or loose skin around your abdomen can be uncomfortable and dampen your self-confidence. Dr. Jerry Darm, of Aesthetic Medicine, and patient Laurie, joined us today to share how a tummy tuck can give you back your flat tummy.

Procedures are performed by our highly-experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Ciano.

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Dr. Jerry Darm is proud to announce that Aesthetic Medicine has been accredited with the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) . Becoming accredited is a significant accomplishment and demonstrates dedication to improving patient care. This certificate informs patients about achievement and commitment to quality patient care. Also, Aesthetic Medicine is BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating.

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