LipoFill™ (Fat Grafting) can be done by collecting patient’s own fat from the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or another donor site and then re-injecting it into lips, facial frown lines or cheeks.

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Dr. Jerry Darm is the medical director of Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Aesthetic Medicine is federally-accredited facility by the Institute for Medical Qualityand BBB accredited business with A+ rating.

LipoFill™ is a form of facial fat grafting. The surgeon will take fat from one area of your body and remove it adding to the depressed areas of your face, where there is a need for some extra fat to be implanted. Very often the potential areas are the lips and places where wrinkles may form (nasalabial folds, marionette lines, chin, cheeks, and areas around your eyes). Another purpose of this procedure is not only to rejuvenate the aging look of a patient’s face, but to also enhance an existing positive structure. The fat is a kind of material that has incredible characteristics for filling. Moreover, it is something that is taken from the same patient and works like a filler for the same person. In this case facial fat grafting , harmoniously using your natural product, becomes a truly unique procedure. The longevity of the result is potentially much longer than other fillers

Frequently asked Questions:
Q-Where is the procedure performed?
A-In our surgical suite, directly across the hall from our main office.

Q- How long does the procedure take?
A- The procedure takes about an hour . We do request that you have a ride home.

Q-What is the downtime?
A- You may want to consider a long weekend to contend with any bruising or swelling. We will provide you with a list of medications to avoid prior to the procedure to minimize bruising.

Q-What is the preparation for the LipoFill?
A- We will perform a brief History and Physical in our office. You will come in fasting the morning of the procedure.

Q- What is the after care?
A-After the procedure the pain is minimal if at all. Ibuprofen may be used for pain if needed. You will be instructed to use ice . Recheck appointments are within the first week and after 6 weeks. You will be instructed to use ice at home.